Bosung Kim is a senior industrial designer at IDEO Palo Alto, where he has designed  a wide

range of consumer electronic products and customer experience for global clients (Hewlett-

Packard, Samsung, Adobe, DirecTV, TCL, LG, etc.) since 2005.

He is interested in hardware and software integration, poetic interaction, kinetics, inventing

lighting system, and designing new possible scenario in the bio-tech world.

Phaidon (& Fork, London, 2007) selected him as one of 100 the world’s most extraordinary

product designers. He received a Master Degree in Product Design at Royal College of Art

(London, 2005) with Distinction in MA dissertation, ‘Poetic interaction between human and

electronic objects’.

Bosung has a BA in industrial design from KookMin University (Seoul, 2000). He was born

and lived in South Korea (Seoul), Finland (Helsinki), UK (London), China (Shanghai), and

currently  in US (Palo Alto, CA).





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movie clip on vimeo ]


METAMORPHOSIS attempts to create a playful and adjustable light source within a domestic or commercial space. Metamorphosis proposes a new structure of hanging light which can allows the direction of light to be altered. By pulling down the weight on the string, the lighting structure rotates in 200 degrees. The counter weights enable it to remain in different configurations and users can transform the mood of the space.







Folded Aluminum

Aluminum counter weight

Energy saving bulbs 13W

Low voltage option with bare metal wires

Currently LED lighting source is on the developing